Book Review |Victoria Crossing by Michael Wallace


Story    ★★★

Writing ★★

Cover   ★★





Well written











Language: English


Literary Fiction

Historical Fiction

Women’s Fiction


ISBN-10: 1503934136

Published: May 17,2016

Publisher: Lake Union Publishing


This was a well-written book, with a plot that sucks you in as soon as you open the first pages. The novel is set in 1851 after the Potato Famine that struck Ireland, forcing Maeve and Victoria to flee to New York in order to survive. It is on the same ship that the two young women bond, and due to circumstances (Maeve’s brother fails to meet her at the port of arrival, and Victoria gets her money stolen by a crook), they decide to join forces to improve their circumstances.

Throughout the book, we get a glimpse at the danger the young women face in the industrial Manhattan, with crooks luring around. We also understand that there is a past unknown of Maeve regarding hers and Victoria friendship. When Maeve’s brother finally comes into the picture, and the chips start to fall where they belong, Maeve’s and Victoria’s friendship is tested.

I loved that Mr. Wallace has led us in connecting with each character, understanding where everyone came from. This is not just a tale of friendship and loyalty, but also a tale of love. It is also a tale of being an immigrant. Being one myself, I could particularly relate to the hardships one faces trying to make a home away from home. More importantly, I loved that the story praises the strength of women and their loyalty, instead of tearing them down as most novels tend to do with pity women jealousies. Although not political in itself, Victoria Crossing is a great reminder of the power women hold, as well as a reminder of  what one can do when surrounded by great friends.

Victoria Crossing was full of excitement, intrigue, and suspense from the beginning until the end. And what an end it was! I could hardly believe how the story turned out, expecting a very typical High Victorian period novel ending only to be pleasantly surprised.  All in all, Michael Wallace is a great storyteller and I leave it to you to find out.

Thank you to Michael Wallace, Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for giving me a free e-ARC of this book to read and the opportunity to give my honest review.